Adventures in DINANT! #Solotravel

Hello wanderers! If you are planning a trip to Belgium, don’t be basic and just go to Brussels and Bruges, there is a marvelous town, you probably haven’t heard of: DINANT!

The citadel of Dinant, a 1815 military edification at the top of an enormous rock will leave you speechless. Under the rock, there is the Collegiate Church of Our Lady, free entrance and totally worth viewing the inside and outside. The notorious pear-shaped bell tower will amaze you.

Near the church, there is the Saxo museum, the entrance is free. Saxophones where invented in Dinant and they are everywhere, the bridge, the streets,…

My first advice to you, wanderer, is to pay for the Citadel, it would be an experience you won’t forget. I’m not going to tell you much about the inside, because this is a spoiler-free environment, but it will bring you back in time plus the view from the top is totally worth-it. Price 8.5€ adult, 6€ child.

Take a relaxing walk along the bank of the Meuse river, watch the mountains, how green and rocky everything looks at the sides of the plain flowing water of the Meuse.

Along the way, you will find Rocher Bayard, a needle shaped rock divided in two, if you have the chance to drive a car or go by bus you might pass through the rock.

Finally, I didn’t have the opportunity, but if you are a beer-lover, go to the Leffe museum.

Have fun in Dinant! And tell me what you think or share your experiences an photos in the comment section below!

PD: I stayed at a couchsurfing hostess’ house in Dinant, I will talk about the experience in the future post!


Cheap transport! Travel with no money!

A lot of people ask me how can I afford all of my trips as a college student! The answer is that I never stop seeking for the best deals: cheap bus tickets, flight offers, train passes,…

This is how and where I find the deals:

  1. GO THEREPushpin marking location on map

    Find the longest trip. If you are planning to visit another country, you should look for this journey first. My advice:

  • Skyscanner. In my opinion the best flight search engine all over the internet. If you are flexible about your destination or dates you can put wherever in the destination and it’ll appear the cheapest flights. Once you know the airline, go and search for the flight in that airline, you may find a better price. Do it when using Ryanair (I love travelling with Ryanair since it is the cheapest and almost never delays its flights.)
  • Megabus: a bus company operating USA and Europe. I went from Barcelona to Brussels for just 1€!!! Search in advance for the best prices. Remember, it will take a long time (my journey to Belgium was a 23 Hour journey) but it is totally worth it!

PROS: Bus stops are in the centre of most cities, so you will save airport bus fares, train tickets,… Also, if you find offers it could be way cheaper than planes or trains.

CONS: Not the most comfortable, WIFI does not work sometimes, it takes a long time to go anywhere.


  • National Rail Network, Interrail, Eurorail, Rail Passes in general,
    from the blog ErasmusenFlandes

    if you want to backpack in a certain area or country you must go and look at their train railway website, or buses too, to see if they have any rail pass available that fits your needs. When in Belgium I got a 10 journey rail pass for 25€! The best thing is that you can take any train at any time you want, you don’t have to plan or schedule. Completely recommend this!  If you have journeys left you can always sell it to another backpacker.

  • BlaBlaCar, Uber,… It is kind of controversial but I really like these apps, especially BlaBlaCar. You can go to places where there is no bus or train stop, or go faster than with classical methods. And for a really competitive price. Always be careful, and if you don’t trust the driver or accompanies do not get into the car! I never had a bad experience using it, but you should be always careful! Like when hitchhiking, I have never done it personally, but it can be an option when travelling.
  • Also, I use Rome2Rio to know the cheapest way to travel from a place to another, and an estimation of the bus,train, taxi,… price.
  • You can also hire a car, use Rome2Rio to know the cheapest rental house.

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