Wandering in Barcelona: A local perspective (CENTRE)

Hello wanderers! I was born and raised in the beautiful city of Barcelona. So this is the city, and nearby places, guide from a local perspective. I will show you most of the tourist attractions and the hidden gems of Barcelona.

Aside from the Sagrada Familia and Parc Güell, this city, bathed by the waters of the Mediterranean sea, hides marvelous crannies all around. This post is the first of 2.

We are going to talk about the center of Barcelona. In the next one we will review places such as Tibidabo, Parc Güell, Gràcia,…that are a little further than these ones, but are completely worth the visit.

First of all, we, people from Barcelona, orient ourselves with the Tibidabo mountin and the beach. Each one on an opposite side.

Plaza Catalunya is the heart of Barcelona, people meet there, the train station is under the square, basically it is the core of the city. There is El Corte Ingles, an enormous department store of 8 flats where you can find whatever you want to and Fnac, a music and books store.

Once there we can decide whether we want to go to La Rambla and Portal de l’Angel (both following the direction to the beach) or Passeig de Gracia (to the mountain).

La Rambla is the most walked street in Barcelona, and the most popular. You can walk along la Rambla and see little shops and tents that sell flowers, ice cream, newspaper, magazines and souvenirs that fill the street.

Half way through la Rambla we find La Boqueria. It is a MUST! Our local market is one of the bests in the entire world, you can find fruit, candy, meat,… from all around the globe, and super cheap! If you are a backpacker, or want to save money go to la Boqueria you can have a nice meal for 2€. And there are delicatessen such as chocolate strawberries, fruit salad (macedonia in the local language), smoothies, and weird food you won’t find anywhere else in the city such as ostrich’s eggs, exotic fruits,…

In front of la Boqueria is the Erotic Museum, for those how want to learn more about the sexy world of the Hindu Kama Sutra, erotic art, the origins of Spanish pornographic cinema, the history of erotic art through the eyes of the great masters of painting and the most astonishing sexual records, although it is not really visited by locals it is always full of tourists who take pictures of a Marilyn Monroe in the balcony. So look up at the balcony and take a picture of her!

At almost the end of la Rambla there is the wax Museum, please don’t expect it to be like Madam Tussauds. I don’t recommend going there, but a lot of tourists go. It is not worth it.

At the end of la Rambla there’s Colombus statue. Go there and take a picture riding one of the lions statues. If you want you can also go to the top of the statue. There’s an elevator inside the statue.

Next to the statue

is the port, were you can go and take a tourist boat that shows you Barcelona from the sea, and Maremagnum shopping center (it is opened on Sundays!)

By the see there’s the  promenade full of palm trees and scultures. Take some pictures there!

You can go to la Barceloneta beach, full of chiringuitos (Beach clubs and bars) and cool places like surf schools, boat renting houses and more. It is the favourite beach for tourist and some locals! You can also go to la Mar Bella beach, the favourite of young locals!

El Parc de la Ciutadella is not far from there and it is an underrated sight of Barcelona! This amazing park in the centre of the city has the zoo inside, the Parliment of Catalonia, some buildings such as schools, greenhouses,… but the most beautiful highlights there are Cascada Monumental (monumental waterfall) and the lake, where you can rent rowing boats. Please don’t go without visiting this park, it is completely worth it!

Arc del Triomf (Arch of Triumph) is 4 minutes away. Go there and enjoy watching people making huge soap bubbles, and maybe explode some! Who doesn’t like that!

Now it’s time to go back, Born street is a not so known place but definitely wonderful. It is known for handmade studios and workshops. Now it’s the moment you’re all waiting for! Get lost and wander in the Gothic Quarter. It is also a nice place to eat, beautiful and not as price as la Rambla. So put the map inside your bag and go on an adventure! You will find the most amazing and eccentric places there. This is my favourite nook of Barcelona, so have a nice time there!

Don’t forget to visit MACBA, a contemporary art museum in Barcelona well-known all around the world.

Let me what you think below in the comments! There is another post about Barcelona, the north part. Hope you enjoy it!

And remember, if you are planning to come to Barcelona, or you are already here, tell me and maybe we can go out for a drink or a walk!